Kaip šalinami nepatogūs žmonės Pietų Amerikoje

1. Mažiausias įmanomas pagarbos ženklas.
2. Pasidrąsinimas: čia, Lietuvoje, už savo namus, teises ir teisybę kovoti ne taip pavojinga.

„Last year, 212 environmental activists and land defenders were murdered globally, making 2019 the most deadly year for people resisting extractive industries or protecting endangered species, according to Global Witness’s latest annual report.“

„Some of the killings are perpetrated by government forces, while others are ordered by mining companies or other industries. Most go unsolved.“

„“It’s often just people with bandanas on a motorbike, just anonymous hit squads,“

„In 2014, 116 activists were killed. In 2018, the number rose to 167. With 212 activists murdered in 2019, the trend shows no sign of stopping. Indigenous people are disproportionately targeted with violence, making up 40 percent of those killed in both 2014 and 2019 despite constituting only 5 percent of the global population.“

the rise of consumer demand for products like beef, palm oil, and metals has contributed to the rise in violence, along with increasingly repressive global governance.“

„In 2019, 50 activist killings were linked to mining, 34 to agribusiness, and 24 to logging.“

„“The disturbing trends are the closing of space for legitimate protest, and the criminalization of those who are standing up.”“

„Global Witness focuses on killings for its annual report because they are easily quantifiable, but he thinks the criminalization of protest, harassment and threats, and sexual violence are on the rise as well.“

„one assassination can silence a whole community“

„other tactics can be equally effective.“

„“We have this situation in Ecuador where the government places troop carriers in front of people’s houses, and that’s all they do; they don’t say anything, but people get the message“


„Of this list, only one of 28 murders have been investigated conclusively and perpetrators brought to justice.“

1. Óscar Cazorla (Zapotec; Mexico)
„On February 9, 2019, Óscar Cazorla (62), was found murdered in his home in Juchitán de Zaragoza, Oaxaca, Mexico.“

2. Saturnino Ramírez Interiano (Maya Ch’orti’; Guatemala)
„Maya Ch’orti’ linguist Saturnino Ramírez Interiano was assassinated in Chiquimula, Guatemala on February 13, 2019.“

3. Sergio Rojas (Bribri; Costa Rica)
„On the evening of March 18, 2019, Indigenous leader Sergio Rojas Ortiz was assassinated in his residence in Salitre de Buenos Aires, part of the Puntarenas province, after being shot multiple times.“

4. Cristian Javá Ríos (Urarina; Peru)
„On April 17, 2019, in the Peruvian Amazon, Cristian Javá Ríos (20) was killed in a gang-organized ambush , motivated to sabotage pipelines transporting oil across the region.“

5. José Alfredo Hernandez (Nahuat Pipil; El Salvador)
„José Alfredo Hernandez was killed in the service of protecting his sister-in-law, Indigenous activist Margot Perez.
<…> When he did not submit to police – blackmailing him to reveal Margot’s whereabouts – Alfredo Hernandez was shot five times allegedly by military police and died immediately after, on May 3, 2019.“

6. Otilia Martínez Cruz and Gregorio Chaparro Cruz (Rarámuri; Mexico)
„On the outskirts of Chihuahua and Sinaloa, Mexico, Otilia Martínez Cruz (60) and her son Gregorio Chaparro Cruz (20) were murdered outside their home on May 3, 2019. <…> According to investigations, three gunmen affiliated with a criminal group “Los Chorohuis” broke into the home and and fatally inflicted both mother and son with multiple bullet wounds.“

7. José Lucio Bartolo Faustino and Modesto Verales Sebastián (Nahua; Mexico)
„On their way back home from the meeting in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, both were kidnapped and murdered allegedly by narco-paramilitary groups.“

8. Leonel Díaz Urbano (Nahua; Mexico)
„The fatal shooting of Nahua leader Leonel Díaz Urbano took place on May 9, 2019, while he was sleeping in his home, located in the municipality of Zacapoaxtla in the state of Puebla, Mexico.“

9. Daniel Rojas (Nasa; Colombia)
„North of Cauca, Colombia, the president of the Junta de Acción Comunal (JAC) in Caloto, Daniel Rojas (40), was murdered at around 8 pm in his home on May 14, 2019.“

10. Jorge Juc Cucul (Q’eqchi’ Maya; Guatemala)
„He was attacked with a machete by an unknown man on his property near his home, alongside his eight-year-old son.“

11. Emyra Wajãpi (Wajãpi; Brazil)
„A leader of the Wajãpi tribe, Emyra Wajãpi was fatally stabbed on July 23, 2019, in his Brazilian village. Community members reported that a few dozen armed goldminers, dressed in military fatigues, had raided their village, threatening and aggressively intruding upon Wajãpi People and homes. Reports from villagers assert that Emyra Wajãpi was stabbed in the adjacent woods near his village, and then his corpse was thrown into a river.“

12. Kevin Mestizo Coicué and Eugenio Tenorio (Nasa; Colombia)
„In the Indigenous region of Cauca, in the southwest of Colombia, two Indigenous guards were murdered on August 10, 2019, amidst rising violence and instability. <…> According to a statement, the attack occurred when the two guards accompanied participants in a coffee fair in Cauca. As they boarded a bus to the fair, all were ambushed, killing Mestizo Coicué and Tenorio while wounding four others.“

13. Cristina Bautista (Nasa; Colombia)
„Ne’h Wesx Authority Cristina Bautista and four members of the Nasa Tacueyo Indigenous Reserve – Asdrúbal Cayapu Kiwe Thegna, Eliodoro Finscue, José Gerardo Soto, and James Wilfredo Soto – were killed; five other members were wounded during a targeted attack on October 29, 2019. According to reports, a black vehicle with armed members of the FARC dissident group “Dagoberto Ramos” opened fire on Cristina Bautista and other guards after plowing through a barricade the community had set up to protect their territory.“

14. Juan Francisco Luna Álvarez (Zenú; Colombia)
„On August 8, 2019, Juan Fransisco Luna Álvarez (60) was found assassinated near his rural home in the municipality of San José de Uré, Colombia.“

15. Abraham Domicó (Embera; Colombia)
„An Indigenous member of the Embera Eyábida community, in Tarazá, Colombia, Abraham Domicó was shot and murdered in his home on August 14, 2019, while his wife and children were also inside. The family was ambushed by armed men“

16. Mirna Suazo (Garifuna; Honduras)
„Mirna Suazo, president of the Masca Board of Trustees in Honduras, was murdered inside her restaurant, “Champa Los Gemelos,” when two hitmen disembarked their motorcycles and repeatedly shot her on September 8, 2019.“

17. Paulina Cruz Ruiz (Maya Achi; Guatemala)
„Paulina Cruz Ruiz (58), member of the Autoridad Ancestral de Maya Achi from Rabinal, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala was shot a mere 100 meters from her home on September 14, 2019. Her husband was also wounded“

18. Víctor Manuel Chanit Aguilar (Murui Muina; Colombia)
„The mayor and Indigenous leader of Murui Muina was murdered by an armed group in his hometown, a rural area in the Colombian Amazon on September 26, 2019. <> The mayor was forcibly kidnapped and later discovered lifeless in a field of banana crops, his facial features disfigured and bearing signs of torture.“

19. Marlon Ferney Pacho (Nasa; Colombia)
„At around 5 pm on September 26, 2019, Marlon Ferney Pacho, 24, was attacked by four armed strangers, who dragged him from his residence and fatally shot him multiple times.“

20. Milgen Idán Soto Ávila (Tolupán; Honduras)
„He was declared missing by neighbors on September 23, 2019, and his body was discovered four days later.“

21. Dumar Mestizo (Nasa; Colombia)
„On October 4, 2019, in the rural area of Toribío, Cauca, Colombia was assassinated. Dumar Mestizo (24), an artist and an art teacher at the program Youth Guard of Jambaló, (Jóvenes del Resguardo de Jambaló) was killed when men on motorcycles attacked and shot him.“

22. Isaías Cantú Carrasco (Mè’phàà; Mexico)
„Cantú Carrasco was killed with a firearm near the region’s police station on October 11, 2019“

23. Oneida Epiayú (Wayúu; Colombia)
„Oneida Epiayú, a leader in the Wayúu Community, was murdered in broad daylight on October 17, 2019, while eating lunch at a restaurant in Riohacha, Colombia. Two men entered the restaurant, still wearing their motorcycle helmets, to approach, shoot, and kill Epiayú. The attackers also gravely injured four other people, including her husband José González and a 12-year-old child.“

24. Paulo Paulino Guajajara (Guajajara; Brazil)
„The Indigenous Amazon Forest Guard Paulo Paulino Guajajara had predicted his imminent death, fatefully occurring on November 1, 2019, for being one of nearly 130 “guardians of the forest” or armed Indigenous sentinels. While fetching water with a fellow colleague, Laércio Souza Silva, Paulino Guajajara was shot in the neck by armed loggers and died in the forest“

25. Jesús Eduardo Mestizo (Nasa; Colombia)
„Jesús Dumar Mestizo was attacked and fatally shot by strangers in the rural area of Toribío, located in Cauca Colombia, right outside of his home.“

26. Arnulfo Cerón Soriano (Nahua; Mexico)
„After being declared missing for 40 days, the 47-year-old activist and lawyer was found dead along the Tlapa-Igualita highway, in the Mexican state of Guerrero.“

27. Catalino Barradas Santiago (Chatino; Mexico)
„On November 30, 2019, policemen from the Santo Reyes Nopala municipality in Oaxaca, Mexico murdered Catalino Barradas Santiago (32), and injured two other individuals. <…> Testimonies from police who were involved in the murder defended their actions, stating that the travelers were proselytizing illegally which justified the policemen’s decision to pull them over and open fire on the victims.“

28. Josué Bernardo Marcial Santos (Mixe-Popoluca; Mexico)
„Known as Tío Bad on stage, the rapper from the town of Sayula de Alemán in Veracruz, Mexico, was murdered on December 19, 2019, after kidnappers demanded a ransom that was unmet.“


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