Apie „The Power of Hope: A Rat Experiment by Dr. Curt Richter“







„This story, however beautiful, isn’t quite true. In the experiment, rats naturally swim 60-80h, no stimulation needed. However, if their whisker is trimmed, some rats drown very quickly, in 1-2 minutes. This is specially true for wild rats, almost all of whom give up like this when their whisker is trimmed. However, if this later group – the ones giving up in 1-2 min, if rescued for a few times, quickly recover the natural behavior of struggling for 60hrs.
Note how the popular story diverts. Struggling 60h is a natural behavior, giving the rats hope simply restores that. <...> But, at best, we can conclude that hopelessness kills <...>“

„The conclusion of the paper is that – hopelessness can cause sudden death. Not the other way around. This article turns this conclusion, and the research, on its head. So, I guess, we should at least skim the source material before believing any inspiring story. Cos, these stories almost always misrepresent, distort, lie or do all of them at the same time to fit their narrative.“

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